Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Indie Life: Indie Resolutions and Indie Writers Monthly

Welcome to the first Indie Life edition of 2014! Even if you've already given up on your diet, here are two resolutions you might want to make this year:

1. Don't worry about what people in the traditional publishing industry have to say about bookstores, self-publishing, or reading. A lot of the things they're talking about have minimal impact on us. We're not dependent on brick and mortar stores (though I still appreciate them), and how can anyone track what's going on in publishing if you're just looking at IBSNs? For a good analysis of the industry, read The Passive Voice--and don't forget the comments!

2. Put developing craft ahead of promotion. Yes, discounting and running ads do increase sales--in fact, it seems like most of my sales are in conjunction with ads--but in the long run, the best promotion is writing another book. Tell stories people want to read, something that will engage them. The type of story that engages someone will vary from reader to reader, but when someone really gets your work, they'll promote you to other readers.

I'm pleased to announce this month that several other indie SF/fantasy writers and I have started our own group to support each other. We're Indie Writers Monthly, and come check out our blog! We're also on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Are you part of an indie writers group? If so, what are the best and worst things about it? What resolutions do you have for your indie life this year?

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