Friday, October 18, 2013

Science of the Week, 10/18/13

Here are some of the most interesting science articles I read this week:

Kissing helps us find the right partner--and keep them

Creating a permanent bacteria barrier

Eat more, weigh less: worm study provides clues to better fat-loss therapies for humans

Researchers find that rust can power up artificial photosynthesis

Aging tumor cells may be an effective cancer treatment

Bending world's thinnest glass shows atoms' dance

Scientists identify protein linking exercise to brain health

Outside influence: genes outside influence have disproportionate effect

A blueprint for restoring touch with a prosthetic hand

Genetically fingerprinting pearls

Study finds Oreos just as addicting as cocaine in lab rats (maybe it's time to stop letting my son have them!)

Method of recording brain activity could lead to mind-reading devices (scary, but could be a useful plot point for me)

From Time: Alive and well in a block of ice (possible evidence that cells can live and repair DNA in space or last hundreds of thousands of years)

A cosmic discovery that would surprise even Einstein

I could post more articles, but I'm a little distracted right now. Tune in in half an hour to see why....


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Fingerprinting pearls? When did they become criminals?

Sandra Almazan said...

Fingerprinting pearls allows people to figure out their origin, Alex.

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