Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Just Because....

It's John Lennon's birthday again, so I simply must celebrate with a couple of songs.

"Julia" shows the softer side of John. His mother's name was Julia, and it's no coincidence that there's a character in Twinned Universes who's also named Julia. Julia Kee will get a starring role in the next Catalyst Chronicles story.

And because this one is always fun, let's watch John play the keyboard with his elbows on "I'm Down":

Don't forget to scroll down for Indie Life!


Catherine Stine said...

Ah, John Lennon was my favorite Beatle by far. Last year, we went up to Strawberry Fields on the anniversary of his death. There were people up there all day, singing Beatles music. It was great.

Sandra Almazan said...

John's my favorite Beatle too. I made it a point to visit Strawberry Fields when I was in New York, though I haven't been back there for several years.

Crystal Collier said...

Ah, just listening brings back memories. I had a total Beatles phase.

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