Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Back on the Blog Chain: Theme, Theme, Theme...

Kate has an interesting topic for us this round:

This I believe. Do you find yourself repeating certain themes in your writing? Can readers glean what you believe in or some of your life philosophies from reading your work?

Here's a theme song for this blog chain about belief and themes:


I do repeat certain themes in my writing; in fact, these themes inspired me to come up with my tagline: "A sense of wonder, a sense of fellowship." As a science fiction/fantasy writer, I strive to take my readers to different worlds or to make them see this world in new ways ("The Book of Beasts") As a science geek, I promote the power of the scientific method and the wonder that science can inspire (Lyon's Legacy). As a Beatles fan, I believe that a small group of people, if they're committed to each other, can be greater than the sum of the parts (Twinned Universes and the still-in-progress Season Avatars series). And as a short Taurus, I believe that stubbornness is a desirable trait in a protagonist--I won't bother listing examples for this one!

 Check out what Christine has to say about this topic tomorrow.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

So short Tauruses are stubborn? Good to know.
Safe to say my series does have a theme and yes, my morals and beliefs do come through.

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