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BRoP Interview--Aaron Dennis

Today I have Aaron Dennis with me as part of the Blog Ring of Power. Specifically, he's here to talk about his current work. You can find the other parts of his interview below:

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Tell us about your new book—what is it about—and when it is out? Where can people purchase it?

My newest release, Lokians: Book3 For War and Glory is the most action packed novel ever. Schneriously, there’s so much action I was getting headaches while reviewing its contents. The great thing is that it is a natural stopping point for the Lokian series, not that the series is over. It is not, but this novel brings many things to a head. It’s available on my site, just click Lokians 3 on the home page and it will take you to Eternal Press, or you can purchase it on Amazon. Hopefully print copies are out by now.

Is there anything new, unusual, or interesting about your book? How is it different from other books on the same subject?

The Lokians series is hard sci fi. I explain the tech, the biological intricacies of the aliens, etc, but mostly its unique in that it reads like a movie. Think Starship Troopers meets Bad Boyz2 meets M.I.B. It really has something for everyone, and people who are not sci fi fans will be after they get into the series. There are also some Lokians short stories on They, too, are available through my website.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

The hardest part of writing LB3 was keeping the flow of action. Naturally, there are times when the crew is out traveling in space, but I had to create a sense of impending doom, since things are not progressing well, planetside. To portray a deteriorating situation on Earth, I wrote a small one or two paragraph intro into the non action laden chapters. It was tough work, but it paid off.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

My favorite chapters involve the Jersey Gold. He’s a character, and it’s a ship…you’ll see. Anyway, I had a chance to put my protagonist, O’Hara, in a different environment than what he’s accosted to, and it just felt really good. It was like being able to aggravate my own character. Loads of fun.

Did you learn anything from writing this book and what was it?

I add some knowledge regarding dark matter, and dark energy. Unfortunately, there still isn’t much concrete evidence regarding either therum, but it seems evident that both must exist. Luckily, since not much is known about either, I got to play with the concepts as much as I liked.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in this book?

Not a thing. It may be the best thing I’ve written to date.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Aliens will come to Earth. No…well…..maybe they will.

I’m Aaron Dennis, creator of the Lokians science fiction series. I’ll let you guess how old I am. I’ve only been writing since early 2011, and published since August 2012, but I came out like a bat from hell. Not out like out, but like out of nowhere…At any rate, everything you need to know about me is available on my website  Like Lokians on facebook or baby leopards will loose their spots. * * Disclaimer, Aaron is literally nuts *
Please let us know where your readers can stalk you:
Facebook page:
Goodreads author page: I don’t know but it’s there somewhere….just look for Lokians
Twitter: @authaarondennis
Amazon: again…just type in Lokians
Smashwords: this is available on my site. 
What format is your book(s) available in (print, e-book, audio book, etc.)?
I think Epub and PDF, but I convert it to Mobi and whatever else
One final note I want to add…I was drinking when I answered these questions shhhhh

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on wrapping up your series, Aaron. Three books is a good place to end.

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