Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Reading Report for 2012 and Goals for 2013

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! May 2013 be a lucky year for you.

In 2012, I tracked my reading through Goodreads instead of on this blog. I set a goal of 150 books read (increased from 120); I ended up with 174. That's nearly 44,000 pages. If you really want to know what I read, you can see the nine-page list here. Here's the breakdown by genre:

Fantasy--75 (up from 2011)
Science Fiction--35 (up from 2011)
Mystery--11 (down from 2011)
Classics--7 (not tracked in 2011)
Other Fiction--12 (up from 2011)
General Non-Fiction--20 (non-fiction was all grouped together in 2011)

In 2011, I included magazines as well as books, but I didn't do that this year. This list only includes items found on Goodreads; however, that does include individual short stories. I found four short stories on my list, but I may have overlooked a couple of novellas.

Most of my reading was done on the Kindle; only fourteen books were in paper format. Some of those were older library books, and several of them were for story research.

Here are a few of my favorite reads this year:

Science Fiction--Wool Omnibus, Black Blossom
Fantasy--The Emperor's Edge series
Best Writing Book--The Plot Whisperer, The Emotion Thesaurus

I'm currently reading one e-book and one paper book. Including those in the total, I have 403 items in my "To Read" Collection on my Kindle and 43 paper books in my unread stack. Think I'll have made any progress in trimming those piles by the end of the year, or will I accumulate books faster than even I can read them?

As for my goals for next year, they include reading 175 books (if I read any more, my family will feel neglected) and self-publishing the following works:

"The Mommy Clone" (a short story in the Catalyst Chronicles series, currently with beta readers)
"Letters to Psyche" (standalone fantasy short story, with beta readers)
Twinned Universes (Catalyst Chronicles, Book Two, in line and copy edit plus cover design)
"Brave New Girl" (a short work in the Catalyst Chronicles series, partial rough draft)
"The Fighting Roses of Sharon" (standalone fantasy short story, complete draft, needs revision)
possibly two short story prequels to my fantasy Season Lords series; one's written and needs revision; the other has to be written

I also want to finish the first draft of Catalyst in the Crucible, Catalyst Chronicles, Book Three, and start revising Scattered Seasons, the first book in the Season Lords series. Oh, and I want to try fifty new recipes next year. Other than that, I have nothing to do.

Do you set goals for yourself at the start of every year? If so, do you go back and check how successful you were at accomplishing them?


Sandra Almazan said...

One of my other goals for the year is trying out 50 new recipes. Come check them out here: http://50recipesin2013.wordpress.com/

The Golden Eagle said...

Sounds like you'll have a busy 2013!

174 books in 2012--wow. That's a ton of reading. :)

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