Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Videos and Kindle Update

To celebrate the holiday, here are a couple of seasonal videos. My son was fascinated with Casper the Friendly Ghost for a while; this was one of his favorite episodes (I think he liked the chewing gum part):

And here's the opening to one of my favorite childhood shows:

Last Wednesday, I briefly discussed my new Kindle Paperwhite. Since then, I've had a chance to read on it. Here are my thoughts:

The Good--Adjustable brightness of the background, uniform brightness of background, crisp text, suggesting words to speed up searches in my collections, smaller size is even easier to carry.

The Not-So-Good--For some of my books, I get an error message saying they're registered to another user. I have to delete them and download them from the cloud to regain access. Learning how to navigate via touchy is tricky; sometimes when I want to highlight text, I turn the page or make something else happen. If the text I want to highlight is at the top of the screen, then I end up accessing the main menu instead.

Overall, though, I'd say the Kindle Paperwhite is more treat than trick. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my Kindle Keyboard. Should I sell it or raffle it off when I publish Twinned Universes?

Happy Halloween, everyone, and best of luck to everyone attempting NaNoWriMo tomorrow!


Maria Zannini said...

I haven't seen a Casper cartoon in ages. At least you can set your son straight on true science and not Casper science. :)

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

The lighted background is something I would have liked with my Kindle. I mean it kind of sucks if you can't read the thing outside when it starts to get dark unless you're sitting under a light.

Sandra Almazan said...

Definitely, Maria. And the old Scooby-Doo show can demonstrate that what we think is supernatural is really just someone in a mask. ;)

PT, I bought a cover with a built-in light for the Kindle Keyboard. The light isn't as bright or even as with the new Paperwhite, but it does the job.

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