Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Would You Rather...? Writing Edition

My son watches a lot of Curious George; I probably know more about that show than any current TV program for adults. As he was watching the "Zeroes to Donuts" episode tonight (where George accidentally orders 100 dozen donuts instead of just one dozen), my husband posed an interesting "Would You Rather" question to me: would you rather eat 100 donuts or 100 scoops of ice cream?

(If you're not familiar with this game, each player must choose one of two possible options presented to her. Sometimes these options can be pretty nasty, in which case you must decide which one is the lesser evil. Sometimes these questions can be pretty thought-provoking.)

I thought it would be interesting to create some writing-related "Would You Rather" questions. Here's one: would you rather lose all the files on your computer or all the books in your library? As much as I love my books, I can replace them more easily than my computer files, so that's what I would go with.

How would you answer this question? What questions can you come up with?


Rogue Mutt said...

I second your answer. Published books are easier to replace than unpublished computer manuscripts.

Liz said...

So that's three for losing the books versus the computer files. The books that I love are easily findable. My files? Losing those would be a nightmare.

David Powers King said...

Our house is no stranger to Curious George. Strangely, that same kid can't seem to get enough 80s films to watch. Curious. Curious indeed. :)

I'd be okay if my books were lost too. Not the files. Never.

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