Friday, September 23, 2011

Science of the Week, 9/23/11

Here are the most interesting articles on Science Blog this week:

Biologists discover genes that repair nerves after injury

Marijuana can prevent PTSD symptoms

Proton-based transistor could let machines communicate with living things

Genetic slip robs people of fingerprints

Black hole, star collisions may illuminate universe's dark side

Fail-safe system may lead to cures for inherited disorders

Gamers succeed where scientists fail

That's it for this week. I normally don't blog on weekends, but I'm scheduled for a Blog Chain post tomorrow. Stop on by to see which books I think are worth a slow start!


Hart Johnson said...

Hey there! You were my arbitrary pick from Katie's bloffee. I like the science theme--something I should make a better point of keeping up on... in fact maybe I should turn on Science Friday on NPR! Ha! So thank you for the reminder and nice to meet you!

Claudie A. said...

Hey Sandra!

Just visiting from your link in the Superheroes of Science blogfest and oh my gosh, I'm glad I clicked in time for the Science of the Week friday! So many cool links. ^^ I love it.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Nice to meet you, Hart and Claudie!

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