Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Apocalypse SNOW!

The president of my company let us leave at 2:00 yesterday, since the blizzard was supposed to arrive around 3:00. It actually arrived earlier, around 2:30, just as I was leaving the daycare center after picking up my son. Although visibility was poor, we didn't have far to drive. My husband came home about twenty minutes after I did, so we shoveled and prepared to hunker down.

It's a good thing my work is closed today, because I wouldn't be able to go in:

Yep, that's how much snow drifted against our garage. I think it's at least two feet.

The three of us went outside to shovel. Alex has his own shovel, but he preferred to play King of the Hill:

He also wanted to use my shovel as a sled:

We don't have to shovel it all by hand; once we cleared some space, my husband was able to get out the snowblower. But he's been out there twice, and he's still not done. I've been too busy kid-wrangling and doing other chores to write or crit. But we're all safe, and we didn't lose power (though the lights flickered a few times yesterday). While I wish we'd picked up flour and a couple extra things at the grocery store, I have a nice chicken soup bubbling away in the crockpot. We're lucky that this apocalypse has been more of an inconvenience to us than anything else, but I feel for the people who have it worse.


Elizabeth Briggs said...

Yay snow! I am a little jealous since in LA it has been sunny for weeks. I'd love for some rain or something. It just doesn't feel like winter!

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

I'd love to send you some snow, Elizabeth; I don't know where we'll put it all!

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