Saturday, July 31, 2010

The All Aboard Diner

I've mentioned before how my son is a "trainiac," obsessed with everything train-related. There's a restaurant not too far from us that caters to his type. It's called the All Aboard Diner, and it features trains, trains, and more trains. We decided to take Alex there today on a whim.

As you walk into the diner, which is tucked into a strip mall, there's a model train setup next to the door. It's glassed off so kids can't touch it, but there's a raised platform they can stand on and lots of buttons they can push to make items move.

Another model train runs on a track near the ceiling:

More trains, from plates to murals, decorate the walls. Thomas the Tank Engine plays on the TV screens. But the chief attraction of the diner is the long U-shaped bar in the center, where a model train hauls your order to your seat:

Alex was too excited to eat much; he was more interested in the train whistle that came with dessert (a chocolate chip sundae with a cookie) than the dessert itself. Unfortunately, not even the promise of trains in the bathroom could entice him into using it. But the service was good, and I'm sure we'll be back there soon so he can watch more trains in action.


Ann said...

What a fabulous restaurant for little boys and big ones too. Mine would have adored it. Has he asked to go back there yet?

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Yes, he's been talking about it, Ann. It's not close enough that we can go every week, but we may return later this month. We'll be going to Day Out with Thomas (the Tank Engine) in a couple of weeks too.

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