Monday, January 15, 2007

A Hard Day's Crit

It looks as if my regular crit partners on OWW are coming out of hibernation. Sue's been the main one to post consistently, but two more of them posted a total of four chapters yesterday. It was a good thing I had today off so I could get them done. I've been working on them since this morning, though I took breaks to check my forums and play Text Twist. Now I'm debating if I should chance going outside to start my car. Even I know I need a break from the computer occasionally.

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makoiyi said...

Lol, when is Sue not the main one to post? *Hangs head* Twas Elizabeth's fault, I swear, she made me! But it was an odd weekend. I had eleven new subs over the weekend to crit and a couple more today. Tis no surprise I'm now on the reviewer thingy. All returns, of course, but still, all at once? Even I was gobsmacked. And then breaking my glasses, it was not fun.

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