Friday, January 26, 2007

An End to Dual Citizenship?

Today, I did something I've been considering for a long time: I created a LiveJournal account. I was inspired to do so while commenting on a friend's journal, since LJ has mistaken me for not human on occasion. (Humpf!) But the main reason I have an account on LJ is because there are a lot more people from OWW (my writing workshop) on that site, so it would be a better place to discuss any writing issues I have.

I'm not sure I want to maintain two blogs, though. Sometimes it seems I barely have time for this one. It's still worth maintaining this site, since it helps me keep in touch with my college friends. The question is, do they really want to hear me talk about projects they haven't read and may never read? (I suppose I should ask them directly.)

Right now, there are two possibilites: I could duplicate posts on both blogs, or I could make one personal and one writing-related. I'll have to play around for a bit before I decide what to do. But I may still keep this name for this blog; I'm not sure people would appreciate it if I change it again!


The dear nyer said...

Sandra, eventhough I am not a "college friend", I do enjoy reading your blog. If you decide to close shop on Dual, I will miss you.

Sandra said...

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I'm not ready to close down this blog yet; I'm used to the format and enjoy the contact with people here, including you. It just means that I may no longer use this to talk about writing.

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