Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Blog Anniversary to Me!

Now, where's my cake? Can't have a special occasion without cake. ;)

Well, one year ago I started a blog to comment on another friend's blog. I've found it a good way to keep in touch with my friends and let them know what Eugene and I are up to. It makes me feel closer to friends in other states. Sometimes it's been useful to me to look back at a particular event. Sometimes it seems as if I spend more time in Mundania on this blog than talking about SpecFic, however. I think a lot of the writers on OWW use LiveJournal, but I don't want to start a separate blog.

I haven't done any writing today, though I did crochet while Eugene called tech support about our wireless router. It's finally working now; I think the problem had something to do with the IP address. I'm still not sure if it's going to work well for me, as I seem to be having trouble loading some sites. I didn't think DSL stood for Darn Slow Loading.

Anyway, that's enough for tonight--Tetris is calling.


russ said...

Happy anniversary, Sandra. I am so pleased that you've kept up with this thing - blogging is a lot more fun when you have other people's blogs you're familiar with to bounce off of!

The Dear NYEr said...

Hi Sandra, Congrats! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts and stories with us. I look forward to reading your blog daily :)

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