Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adventures in Voting

Well, it's that time of year we all look forward to: the final day we can be harassed by negative ads and prerecorded political messages. Yes, it's Election Day, the day I get to tell government what to do.

Normally I vote before work, but I had to go afterwards today because I slept in. I've voted here before, so I thought I remembered where to go. Not quite. My polling place is a church--ironic, given that we're supposed to have separation between church and state--but there are two churches used as polling places on the same street, not too far apart. You guessed it: I went to the wrong one. (In my defense, my old voter registration card had the address of my polling place on it, so I didn't think I needed to bring any other voting information with me.) I realized that when I got there--the parking lot wasn't familiar--but I went in anyway to get directions to the right place.

Once there, it took me about twenty minutes to vote. Much of that time was spent waiting for a cardboard booth to become available. I'm not going to reveal how I voted, but it should be interesting if all of my choices won. I doubt that they will, but at least I had my say. The suffragettes would be proud of me.

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