Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Reunion

Every year in October or early November, our college friend Sara (and her friend Eileen) plan a get-together dinner for the group. We look forward to it for a long time, especially since Eugene and I only get up to Madison a couple of times a year. So we drove up last night for the dinner tonight.

As much as I love visiting Madison, even I have to admit this was a bad day to visit. It rained the entire day, and it was so cold I used a blanket in the car. (What can I say; I'm a thermophile.) Still, Eugene and I went to State Street so I could stop at one of my favorite stores, the Soap Opera. They carry all kinds of scented lotions and other toiletries, and although the staff is friendly and helpful, they aren't as pushy as some chain stores I could mention. We also stopped at WinterSilks and walked around the Farmers' Market, though we didn't get anything since we didn't have a cooler. Then we hung out at the mall and the bookstore for a while until it was time. The dinner this year was at a room in the local humane society. We got to see some of the cats, but despite our predictions, kittens were not given out as favors.

It was great seeing our college friends again and meeting some new people. Unfortunately, we were unable to have a Blog Summit, as Russ was stuck at work the whole day and couldn't drive down. Needless to say, he was both missed and dissed. ;) (Just kidding, Russ.) There was a lot of good food, including a brined turkey, candied yams, macroni and cheese, Eugene's famous apple cranberry pie, and my own homemade rolls. Toddlers provided the after-dinner entertainment by running around, banging on things, and attempting to escape. I got a few photos before the batteries in my camera died, but Eugene got lots more. I'm sure he'll post them when we're home. I'm in the middle of uploading mine to Photobucket; they should be done soon.

We only had the room until 8:00, but another part of this tradition is having breakfast together the morning after at a local restaurant. Hopefully I can find fresh batteries and take more pictures then.


russ said...

I'll be checking in here from time to time for those photos, so, you know, don't disappoint me, woman....

Anonymous said...

Wow! Brined turkey? Any chance you'll be providing some of these recipes? I love trying new food.

--glad you're back on the air.


Sandra said...

Russ, I think I'll try uploading the pictures tomorrow; it's getting late here.

Maria, we still haven't figured out what's wrong with our wireless network. I'm on my husband's computer at the moment. As for recipes, I don't have one for the brined turkey, but maybe we could write out the apple cranberry pie recipe for you.

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