Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Eugene!

Well, Eugene's dad wished him a happy birthday on Friday, Russ did it on his blog last night, and his mom did the same today. Eugene's birthday is actually tomorrow, August 8. I figure I should post my own tribute tonight so everyone has time to add their own greetings.

Russ mentioned how Eugene's animal magnetism originally drew me to him. (There certainly wasn't any animal magnetism between me and Russ, so I'll let my readers decide who wins out in that area. ;) ) But a man needs more than magnetism to make a good husband:

He has to have a good sense of humor to deal with everything life throws at you...

He has to be housebroken, or at least trainable.... ;)

Dancing isn't a strict must-have, but it's a good activity to do together, plus some dances, like the tango, can be quite sensual. Eugene's taken tango lessons with me; Russ, on the other hand...well, do I need to mention the video clip from our wedding? It's on Sara's blog, if you haven't seen it.

But most of all, he has to be a wonderful, warm-hearted man who makes each day something special because you can share it with him. This photo, like all the others I've posted, was taken on our honeymoon. Although that was a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime event, even going shopping with Eugene, hanging out at the bookstore, or being at home is more fun because of him.

Russ is a good friend of ours, which of course explains why we dig at each other on our blogs. But in my life, I love Eugene more.

Happy birthday, Sweetie.


Russ said...

Um....yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh.....hate you too.

And, Eugene, happy birthday! Again!

Sandra said...

Isn't it part of my job to stick up for my husband?

I suppose I'll be paying for this next April 28th.

The Dear Nyer said...

Eugene, have a great day, enjoy, celebrate, with the one you love :) These are great pics of you guys. Eugene, love the hat, make sure you bring that to NY with you ;) See you two soon.

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