Thursday, November 24, 2005

Time for a Quick Update

Well, since I last posted, I did get to read the EC review I mentioned in my last blog entry. It was one of those reviews where even if I agreed with some of the points, a good solution didn't come to me right away, so that was frustrating. One of my regular reviewers also told me she liked the original first chapter I'd posted back in May better, so now I'm wondering if I need to go back to that. Perhaps I can combine elements of the two. At least I have a good excuse for setting the rewrite aside for a while; I need to move forward with the book. Opening chapters are crucial and do need a lot of rework, but at the same time, you don't want to get stuck revising them endlessly. Better to get all of Day through the workshop before I revise again. I just hope I can manage it faster than I did with Lennon's Line.

I took a day off from writing last night because I was tired, but today I wrote about 250 words on Day and finished Luke's scene. I'm not sure if Chapter Two has enough tension, but I do need to introduce my other main characters here. We'll see how it plays on the OWW.

Time for some non-writing news. Eugene and I have officially started our annual bout of insanity known as Holiday Baking. Between us, we're making about a dozen types of biscotti and cookies (he does the biscotti, I do the cookies). I've already baked two of the six types of cookies I plan to make this year, and tomorrow I'll do a third. We want to get it done early so we can get the calories out of the house--I mean, share the goodies with our friends and family.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, today was the first time I didn't go to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. I called them this morning, but it was still a little strange. At least I've had T-day with Eugene's family before this, so I knew what to expect. We showed off our 971 pictures to Eugene's aunt, brothers, and cousins. We're just starting to select the pictures for our album, and it's going to be tough. At least we're doing it a little at a time.

I should have more interesting things to post tomorrow night or possibly Saturday. In the meantime, if anyone wants to comment on the story so far, please do so. I know my friend Sue tried to post comments a couple of times, but they don't show up. I changed the settings for comments, so let's hope I don't get Spamalot. The musical was great, but spam and blogs just don't mix for me.


Eugene said...

How about some ham and jam alot?

Sandra said...

Just remember you'll have to push the pramalot, Sweetie.

Makoiyi said...

Lol - I'm guessing it works now. Sounds like our household where Tom said to me one say - why don't you just e-mail dad? Er - I'm not *that* stuck in the chair, son.

Yes, you are right about not sticking on chapter one. I only do that if I've already rewritten the rest. I do get fanatical over the first 3 actually, but they are so incredibly important when trying to catch someone's eye. But I often think, if I gave that kind of attention to every single chapter I should get on much better - or rather, the novel would.

I hate the 2nd chapter of demons. I keep looking and looking at it, thinking, can I just throw it away? It's one huge info dump thanks to the fact it's book 2, but I think I am going to try and throw it away and merge the info in better somewhere else.

The next Lennon book sounds interesting, but don't give up on the Season Lords, I really liked what I'd read of that one, too, and the good part of J's review was that the concept was different, and we (and editors) do so love that!

take care,


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