Monday, November 14, 2005

I Am Not Dead Yet....

Or even pining for the fields. ;) I've been juggling the various demands of work, housekeeping, spousekeeping, and, of course, writing. My friend Russ just posted in his blog that the only people allowed to say they're busy are parents of little kids. Ever try to write a book, or worse, several books? They're all like hyperactive toddlers running screaming around my brain, insisting on my attention when I have to do something else but not cooperating once I'm finally in front of my computer. I'm afraid of what they would be like if they were teenagers. ;)

So, if there is such a thing as a reader of this blog, the hypothetical reader may be wondering how my writing is going. I've been working on both Day of All Seasons (Chapter Two, where I introduce all of the new Season Lords) and The Key to All Locked Doors. For Day, I finished rewriting the second scene, with Ysabel. I think I still need to weave in a few details about her mother to set up later events, plus I also have to decide if I want to alter Kay's character, since she comes next. Key is moving like molassess, as usual, but I did get some work done on it today at the doctor's office. It would be nice to finish this chapter by the end of the year, since I posted the first chapter on my site well over a year ago. High time I get the first draft of this done, isn't it, especially when I want to revise both Lennon's Line (and decide if I really want to keep it about the Lennon family or if it would be more prudent to file off some of the Beatleness, no matter how painful) and Catalyst in the Crucible. I also have four crits to do on OWW. I've been trying to put my stuff first, and I do write better when I start earlier at night. It still takes me hours to crit some chapters, even if I don't nit the grammar. Other things I want to do are update my website and finish going through my wedding photos by Thanksgiving.

In real life, I did a couple of interesting things. Saturday, Eugene and I went to a holiday party for his mother's company. They had a raffle, and I was feeling lucky, punk. Sure enough, we won...drum roll, please....a black light shaped like a light saber. We are now fully prepared should Darth Vader invade our bedroom at 2 a.m. We can even check him for ringworm at the same time.

Saturday, Eugene and I drove up to Wisconsin to visit my dear friend Liz. She was maid of honor at our wedding, so we wanted to show her our pictures. We're also good friends with her parents, and they enjoyed the pictures too. Liz had a bit of a headache, unfortunately, but it's always nice to see her because it's so hard to schedule something with her work hours.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now. Time to see if I can crank out a few more words for Key before retiring.


Russ said...


Yes, Sandra, I was thinking of you when I wrote about who gets to claim "busy." YOU are not "busy." You are "occupied." And, there's nothing wrong with that - it's a virtue, even. Occupied implies a voluntary quality to the events and diversions filling your time - and, I think it's probably good to be very occupied. "Busy," on the other hand, implies an involuntary quality - some form of servitude. If you can't say, "I just don't feel like doing this right now," you aren't busy. And that's the fact, Jack. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad you're very much alive. :) Yeah, it is very much a case of juggling, but when I look back when I had 3 kids at home, I did manage to get lots of writing done. And I used to child mind, bicycle off, ride a horse, take the dogs out, clean the house.... I just never realised I had that much energy. I think it was a case of I didn't dare stop.

Now, although I only work a few hours 3 days a week it is a very physically inclined job, which keeps me fit, sure, but tuckers me out. And I find the writing fairly mentally draining. Yeah, I have to get Tom ready for school (big deal) walk the dog, ride the hoss and make supper. But that's why I get up with G. That couple of hours in the morning makes all the difference. Usually I can get the crits out of the way so at least I'm mentally prepared for my own stuff. If I don't crit I can at least read something, because I usually do a couple of read throughs. Then I'm thinking about it at work and what I'm going to say, so it doesn't take me quite so long when I get down to it.
You just do it tho. Basically because we want to, and I think I could have summed up this whole post in that line. We do it because we want to.

Take care,


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