Friday, November 25, 2016

Science of the Week, 11/25/16

If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope it was a good holiday for you! I skip the Black Friday shopping so my family and I can decorate the house. No matter what else you have planned for today, I hope you have some time for a little science reading:

Biologists give bacteria thermostat controls

Scientists tweak photosynthesis to boost crop yield

Who knew? Ammonia-rich bird poop cools the atmosphere

Simple quantum computers could be much more powerful than previously realized

Scientists get closer to developing bioartifical kidney

Researchers generate 3-D virtual reality models of unborn babies

Dino-killing asteroid made rocks behave like liquid and could have provided habitat for new life

Brains have a basic algorithm that enables intelligence

Fiction-book narratives: only six emotional storylines

As life expectancy grows, men still lagging

Statistician calls for audit to address election hacking fears

Aspartame may prevent, not promote, weight loss by by blocking intestinal enzyme's activity

Young blood does not reverse aging in old mice, UC Berkeley study finds

Nobel Laureate develop drug to prevent food allergies

Researchers put mouse embryos into suspended animation

Have a good weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!

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Pat Dilloway said...

So we need those birds to get pooping!

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