Wednesday, September 07, 2016

IWSG--Fighting for Writing

It doesn't seem like September yet, does it? Nearly a full week has already passed, so it's time for an Insecure Writer's Support Group post. This month's hosts are shown below:

C. Lee McKenzie
Rachel Pattison
 Elizabeth Seckman
 Stephanie Faris
 Lori L MacLaughlin
Elsie Amata!

 This month, we've been asked the following question: How do you find the time to write in your busy day?

If you're a parent (especially if you're the default parent, the one who keeps track of all of your child's activities, schoolwork, and
friends), and if you have a day job, then you know you can't just passively wait for a block of time to magically open up for your novel. There will always be something else that has to be done, or something more tempting leisure activity. You have to fight for your right to write. That means you actively create blocks of time for writing, even if that means adjusting your priorities and making sacrifices.

It's actually easier for me to find writing time during the week, since I get a lunch break. Some days it's a full hour; other days I only take a half hour so I can leave early for my son's after-school activities. Either way, I bring my netbook and write, along with catching up with e-mail and Facebook. Depending on Alex's schedule, I may be able to write in the early evening (for example, if it's tae-kwon-do night, I write and watch, while if it's archery, then I participate). Otherwise, I have to wait until after Alex goes to bed (since I'm the parent who reads to him or helps him practice tae-kwon-do).

Weekend schedules are more erratic. If I'm catching up on housework or doing errands, I might not get time during the day to write. If we're going somewhere, I may bring my netbook in the car and try to write while my husband drives. It's often very difficult to read the screen with the glare, but still, it's an opportunity to get down words. (Unless my netbook isn't charged properly, like it was on Monday. At least I was able to read instead.)

Do you have to give up other activities to create writing time? Well, sure. I don't watch TV (I admit it's unavoidable sometimes if my family is watching something and I need to get something down downstairs, but if I lived by myself, I wouldn't need the set.) My house is a disaster area, although I do manage to cook and get the laundry done. And I suppose I should end this blog post if I want to get any writing done tonight. If you've got time to spare, leave a comment!


Fundy Blue said...

I'm going to post your words "You have to fight for your right to write" around my home, Sandra. I allow too many things to derail my writing time. Thanks for the reminder!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If you have to do everything for your son, then you would have to fight for time. I'm just in awe of those of you who do it with kids. I can't imagine cramming anything else into my schedule.

Maria Zannini said...

I knew once Greg retired it would be next to impossible to write at home. This is why I planned my 'retirement' from publishing for the same time.

Looking back, it was the right decision. I can design graphics all day long amid distraction, but I need absolute quiet to write--and husbands are anything but quiet. LOL.

emaginette said...

I guess you're lucky to be mobile--computer wise. Unfortunately for me I've got the big honking desktop (my laptop died recently). When I before semi-retirement I wrote during my lunch break. Now I write first thing in the morning. It works for me. :-)

Anna from elements of emaginette

Crystal Collier said...

I hear you! Kids are hard to write around. My house is usually a bit messy too, but laundry is done and people are fed. I don't watch TV either. If the family sits down, I take a laptop and sit with them, but write away. There's no other way to get things done!

Pat Dilloway said...

I'd rather fight for my right to party. That'd be more fun.

Nick Wilford said...

It sounds like you're going about things the right way by squeezing in time whenever you can. Sometimes that's the only thing you can do, especially when you've got small kids. Doing it a few times in the day means the words add up too. I can't write in front of the TV though - I need silence!

Sandra Almazan said...

Fundy, I'm glad you liked the quote!

Alex, my husband does what he can, but he works and attends class part-time, so his time is limited too.

Maria, sounds like you need to build yourself a "she-shed" for some privacy!

Anna, as long as you found something that works for you, that's great!

Crystal, funny how we have the same style of housekeeping!

Pat, you mean writing and partying are two different things? ;)

Nick, I don't need silence to write--I'd never get anything done at work otherwise--but writing in front of the TV would be too distracting for me too.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

My writing time is also pretty erratic. But that seems to be par for the course with kids.

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