Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Indie Writers Monthly--Double and Negative

The latest issue of Indie Writers Monthly is out; you can download it at the link. It's currently $0.99 and will be free from 9/4 to 9/8. You can also get the May issue for free during this time.

The first part of the September issue is brand new material. The focus is on negatives. Here you'll learn how to deal with negative reviews, what best-selling books got panned by the critics, a new way to look at failure, and more. There's also an interview with one of the authors featured in our time travel anthology.

The second half of the issue may look familiar, as it's our very first issue. It's no longer available on its own, but you can still get it here. If you didn't read the March issue, I'm the featured author and have an excerpt from Twinned Universes. There's also the first part of Briane Pagel's series on how to write a story, book reviews, an essay I wrote on luck vs. perseverance, and more.

Don't forget we are open to submissions by other authors. We're not a paying zine yet, but if you're interested in the glory and exposure (or just exposure and a free ad for one of your works), please e-mail our editor, Briane Pagel. His e-mail address is litaplaceforstoriesATgmailDOTcom.

Enjoy the issue!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's not a double negative, is it?

Sandra Almazan said...

Then it would be the positive issue, Alex.

Andrew Leon said...

I got mine!

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