Thursday, February 23, 2012

Raising a Reader

Sorry for missing a post yesterday, everyone. I was so busy writing Monday night I didn't have time to blog. I took a personal day from work yesterday to run some errands, so once those were done, I was able to go to the nearest Barnes and Noble and get my writing done.

Besides writing, the other reason I was at the bookstore was to do some shopping. Alex is going to a couple of birthday parties this weekend, and I needed to pick up some presents. I like to give kids books when possible. I wasn't sure what the kids were interested in, so I picked up some classic children's books. I also bought a Curious George book for Alex. As you might imagine, he has a lot of books. We read two books to him every night as part of his bedtime ritual.

What other things do you do to encourage a love of reading in children?


Rusty Webb said...

My son is 15 now. He's just not interested in reading. I read to him daily when he was young, trips to the bookstore were done weekly, if not more often than that, and he's got a library of books of his own in his room that he's read and enjoyed.

But now he could care less, he has other interests. I worry sometimes, but try to think of the bigger picture. From around 14 - 20 I'm not sure I read anything for pleasure. I just didn't care. I was too busy fawning over girls, blowing up stuff, getting into trouble, whatever.

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll come back around the way I did.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

One can hope, Rusty! It's far too soon to see how my son will turn out.

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