Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A-Z: Connie Willis

If you haven't read Connie Willis, you're missing a treat. She combines science fiction with screwball comedy. She's probably best known for her time travel series, which includes Doomsday Book, "Fire Watch," To Say Nothing of the Dog (my personal favorite), and last year's Blackout/All Clear. In these stories, time travelers from Oxford journey to various time periods, including the 14th century, the Victorian era, and World War II. (The stories are mostly set in England, although I think a few scenes in Blackout and All Clear were elsewhere.) However, the travelers don't always arrive when they expect to, and they're not always sure what their roles are.

In addition to the above books, she's written many other novels and short stories, discussing topics from remaking old movies to the significance of near-death experiences. She's won the Hugo and the Nebula multiple times for her work.

I saw Connie Willis at a panel at ChiCon 2000. I took a couple pictures of her, but I don't have them in digital format (sorry). I wasn't able to get her autograph either. Perhaps if I'm able to make it to ChiCon next year, I'll see her again.


Trisha said...

I haven't read or heard of Connie Willis - thanks for the heads up! :)

Cinders said...

Connie Willis is one of my favorites too. What a great idea for the letter "W". I tried to do the A-Z challenge, but I just couldn't keep up.

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