Friday, January 07, 2011

Science of the Week 1/7/11

Here are some interesting science news stories I found this week:

Helping electric wheelchairs cross rough terrain

Using DNA to obtain an unknown criminal's hair color

Extracting mitochondria from cells

Synthetic, life-sustaining proteins

A dog's vocabulary (over 1,000 words)

A cloak to hide underwater objects from sonar

Solar-powered hornets may be new source of renewable energy

An anti-cocaine vaccine

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Eric said...

Wow Sandra, interesting stuff. I especially appreciate the DNA link, since one of my stories involves genetics and manipulation.

As for the hornets, I wonder who had to attach the electrical leads to their butts to determine that they were absorbing solar energy? ;)

Angela said...

Good stuff. Have a good weekend.

Golden Eagle said...

I have to go look at the solar-powered hornets . . .

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