Friday, November 26, 2010

When Black Friday Comes....

I like to play this song:

But this year, I decided to try going out early in the morning, since I naturally wake up early anyway. I checked out some ads and decided to visit two stores: Target (for the deals they had on board games) and JCPenny.

I woke up (again, on my own) this morning at 5:00. I debated if I really wanted to go, but after a few minutes, I got up, took my medicine, dressed warmly, and left. I got to Target about 5:40. The parking lot was full (the one I went to was next to a Best Buy), but luckily I saw someone pulling out and got a decent spot. The stores weren't too bad--probably because the die-hard shoppers had already been there and left. Unfortunately, the board game I wanted for Alex was sold out, but I found several other things. Only one was on sale, and I found a DVD cheaper on Amazon, so I'll return it later. But I did get $10 off and a $10 gift card, so that helped.

Then I went to JCPenny. I was there shortly after 6:00. I wandered around for a while, checking out basic clothes for my family. I had better luck here with the sales and was able to get some of the items I'd noticed in the ad. Here, I spent less than $100 but saved well over $100. It was a pretty good deal, though I've had similar savings there before. I was too tired by this point to want to do any more shopping, so I went home, arriving there after 7:00. I was surprised to see my family up at this point, since my son had gone to bed late.

I plan to take my son bowling in a little bit, but we may stop at another store, even though we'll miss the best sales.

My husband tried to unlock a Toys'R'Us deal through Borders, but it was only available to 200 people, and it sold out before he got it.

Do you shop Black Friday, either in the store or online? If so, what are your tips?

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. I forgot to post the song lyrics I heard as I was leaving the house. From John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels," I heard, "People say I'm crazy, doing what I'm doing...." 


Maria Zannini said...

I've only shopped Black Friday once but I use this technique whenever stores are packed.

Tag team: Leave the kid with a sitter. Go with a list, cell phones and 1-2 other adults. Divide the store and attack, each of you keeping track of the other in case you find an unexpected deal somewhere.

I did this once with a teenage niece and she was aces! Best damn shopping soldier I've ever met. I'd take her into battle any day. LOL.

The Golden Eagle said...

I've never gone shopping on Black Friday--I don't really like shopping, and I like avoiding large numbers of people.

Marianne Arkins said...

I've done Black Friday twice -- for deals on high priced electronics.

Never. Again.


Jemi Fraser said...

We don't have Black Friday here in Canada but I've seen the lineups and the crowds for Black Friday sales on TV - gotta say they scare the daylights out of me!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, I'm not brave enough to go shopping on black Friday--yikes!!!!

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