Monday, March 08, 2010

Sonnet for Women SF Authors

To celebrate International Women's Day, Feminist SF--The Blog! posted a cool sonnet about women reading and writing science fiction. It inspired me to write my own:

Hey Mr. Spaceman, don’t think I’m your prize,
Something you win for exploring new worlds.
Protest all you want; I know you despise
Women who don’t act like helpless small girls.

Don’t tell me that science and math are hard
And romance novels are what I should read.
I learned quantum physics in the schoolyard
And made DNA with wire and beads.

It’s time you accept I’m not a token
The only woman to serve on your crew;
It’s time you learn how women have woken
Up to the wonders of planets so new.

Hand over the spaceship; I want to fly
And see what’s beyond my half of the sky!


Nisa said...

I really like that! I don't write SF, but I'd love to fly the ship! ;)

Ann said...

A poem after my own heart. I loved it.

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