Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrapup

Not a whole lot has been going on lately. We have made progress with Alex's sleeping (he's learned to fall asleep on his own without us being there, though he still doesn't like it), though I still feel like it'll take me a long time before I'm fully rested--if I ever get back there.

Thanksgiving was pretty quiet. We spent the day tidying up, then we had dinner at Eugene's aunt's house. Alex enjoyed banging on the piano. I took a couple of pictures but haven't uploaded them yet.

Eugene worked part of the day on Friday. While he was gone, I managed to get the tree and other decorations up. Alex was very interested in the process; he helped move his toys out of the way and handed ornaments to me. We did go shopping, but luckily the places we went weren't crowded.

My parents came by for a visit Saturday. After they left, we went to the Kristkindlmarkt in downtown Chicago. The weather was warm for this time of year, but it didn't seem as crowded as it was last time. Alex made out with a couple of wooden toys (we wanted to save at least one for Christmas, but that didn't work out). Afterward, we stopped by Millennium Park. Alex, who had part of a chocolate pretzel, enjoyed dancing by the colored fountains in Crowne Plaza.

Today we ran a couple of errands and took Alex to the library in the afternoon. Otherwise, we relaxed at home.

I didn't get a whole lot of writing done, but I did manage to move past a pivotal scene.

Finally, I have to post a little something to remember George Harrison, who passed away eight years ago today. This song is off his final album; it may not be well-known, but it's quite good:

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