Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back on the Blog Chain: Topic Wrap-Up

Almost two weeks ago, I started a blog chain on wish fulfillment in fiction. As promised, I'm here to wrap up the topic.

I started out by discussing how our secret (or not-so-secret) desires influence what we choose to read or write.

Abi was next, and she agreed wish fulfillment was behind all fiction. She also wanted to get lost in the stories she read, a desire of many of the people in the blog chain.

Elana mentioned that she wanted to escape her real life.

Terri wants her readers to feel transported to a different place and time--one where men do housework! (Ok, not quite, but that does tie into her post.)

Heather talked about how writing gave her a sense of control over her fictional world.

Although Mary doesn't believe writing is completely about wish fulfillment, she did discuss how wish fulfillment ties into Freud and dreams.

Kate provided some famous examples of writers who wrote because they couldn't find the stories they wanted to read.

Archetype had a very simple wish: to be published.

Finally, Michelle talked about how her characters had parts of herself in them. Although she doesn't want to experience what they do, their stories provide excitement for her and her readers.

I'm sure there's much more that could be said on this topic; I think it would make a great panel at WisCon next year. Perhaps I should make it my Christmas wish, since I can't wish for a better family than the one I have.

With the holidays fast approaching, we Blog Chain members are taking a bit of a break from our traditonal chain to do a Jingle Bell Chain next. We will be linking to different people, and we will each get to choose our own topic (if I understand this correctly, that is). I haven't picked my next topic yet, but hopefully it will be something people will enjoy. We'll be back with a regular chain next year!


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Great wrap up for a great topic, Sandra!

H. L. Dyer said...

Awesome wrap-up, Sandra!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Sandra! Thanks for a great topic. :)

Mary Lindsey said...

It was a great topic and a great wrap-up, Sandra!

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