Saturday, September 30, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Eugene and I may not be able to blog for a couple of days, as our Internet connection at home isn't working. The problems started last night around 6:30. I kept getting error messages while surfing the net, and then they wouldn't load even after I refreshed the page. I can't get e-mail either. Event my Internet provider's diagnostic webpage won't load, and usually I can at least work with that. Right now I'm at our local Barnes and Noble using their network. I was able to download my e-mail; I was afraid that if the problem was with our provider, I wouldn't be able to get that. I'll have to write down the technical support number before I leave.

We have several things going on this weekend worth mentioning. Tonight we're going to a games get-together hosted by a couple I met through a local forum. Tomorrow we may pick apples in the morning and go to a kids' birthday party (one of them was either our ring or coin bearer--I can't remember at the moment). When I have a chance, I'll post how they went.

I've been too lazy to edit Lennon's Line the last couple of nights. I'm at the sick-of-looking-at-it stage, but if I force myself to edit it for submission, will I be able to do a good job of it? And if I take a break from LL, what do I work on instead? I have several new projects in mind, but they're still in the pre-writing stage. Something to think about....

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