Friday, April 07, 2006

Flat Friday

This afternoon, one of my co-workers came to me and told me someone had reported my car had a flat tire. Sure enough, when I went outside to check, it was flat. This had happened to me last year, shortly before the wedding, when some new buildings were going up in the area where I work. I did what I did last year: I borrowed a pump from my boss, inflated the tire, and drove to Sears after work to have them patch the tire. As I did last year, I even got a haircut while I waited (though I skipped highlights this time). Unfortunately, things didn't so as smoothly this time. The technician couldn't find the leak at first, but they checked all my tires again and finally realized the patch itself was the source. They fixed it for free, but they told me if it happened again, I would need a new tire. Now if I could only get someone to fix my laptop; hopefully I can get someone to look at it soon to figure out if anything else needs to be done to it besides replace the motherboard. Eugene and I will both be a lot happier once I'm back on my own computer.

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Russ said...

Yeah, yeah, when they said "for better or for worse," no one said anything about having to share your computer!

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