Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Checking In

I need to turn the computer over to Eugene soon, so this will be brief. I didn't have much chance to post recently, so I haven't mentioned that I tangoed at work the other day. We were playing Zobmondo, as mentioned in a previous post, and I drew a card that challenged me to dance solo. I couldn't remember the music (you'd think I would after hearing the same songs at every lesson), and I was wearing the wrong shoes, but I still impressed my co-workers.

I'm waiting to get my computer back from CompUSA before I continue writing Key. In the meantime, I've been editing Lennon's Line, changing the first section from first person to third. It's more complicated than just changing the pronouns; when I have a chance, I think I'll write up something about it. Maybe I'll be brave and post it to the OWW mailing list.

There's probably more to tell, but that can wait for another night.

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