Sunday, April 23, 2006

Eating Eugene's Eggplant

Today, Eugene and I resumed House Search 2006. We went to four open houses. One of them was a nice house and in our price range, but the location would have been bad for Eugene's commute. Two of them were out of our price range (though we didn't realize that when we stopped), and the other one, a townhome, was too small. Sigh. Guess we have to keep looking, though the Chicago area isn't the easiest place to find an affordable home. At least we're not on one of the coasts.

Afterwards, we stopped for dinner at Maggiano's, since we had a gift card. I had chicken and spinach manicotti, while Eugene had eggplant Parmesan. I've only had eggplant once and didn't like it (the consistency was too much like tomatoes, which I also don't like, though I have no problem with tomato sauce as long as it's not chunky). Ever since then, Eugene's been teasing me about it. Today I decided to be brave and try some of his. Perhaps the sauce and cheese helped, because it wasn't too bad. At least, the texture didn't remind me of tomatoes this time. Eugene was very impressed, though he now wants to put me on a 12-Step Eggplant Program. That's only fair if he tries something he doesn't like, like split pea soup.

OK, now let's see if I can get some writing done for once. I haven't done much this month, so I guess that compensates for the writing marathon I participated in in March.

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