Monday, April 10, 2006

Home Sick

As if April hasn't already been the cruelest month.... It's sunny and nearly 70ºF today, and I spent a good chunk of it in bed shivering. I had some troubles with my digestive system this morning, but I thought I was over it when I went to work. I wasn't. I ran to the bathroom several times in the first hour, convinced I was going to vomit. Finally I decided I'd be better off at home and asked my boss for sick time. He was a bit aghast at first, saying "You're not? You're not?" a few times. I told him I wasn't. (Pregnant, that is.) I worried I would throw up on the way home, but I didn't. I huddled in the bathroom for a while, but after a while I went to bed. My temp was low, and I was shivering unless I stayed under the covers. I drowsed for a bit, but I felt well enough to read, so I finished a book. (The last time I was sick, I didn't even feel up for that.) I was lightheaded when I got up, and my stomach was a bit unsteady after I had some soup, but I think the worst is over for now. It might have been just a stomach bug; if so, I hope Eugene doesn't get it.


The Dear NYer said...

Hmmmm....sounds as if that MN bug Russ had back in November is making it's rounds to the other states in the Midwest. Sorry to read your feeling ill. Hope you feel better soon.

Russ said...

Yeah, you eat at Chili's lately? ;)

And, for that matter, how is Eugene holding out? Has your home turned into an infirmiry?

Russ said...
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Sandra said...

Don't worry, I am feeling better. It must have been one of those 24-hour stomach flus. Eugene's also fine. In fact, he was wondering why I got sick when he didn't.

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