Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well, there hasn't been another deer sighting since the one on Monday. The most interesting animal story I have besides that one is the sparrow who wants to nest in our grill. He first showed up last year, singing from our balcony as if it was his. He even figured out how to squeeze inside our closed grill and started building a nest. We evicted him by taking out the twigs and leaving the grill open. Unfortunately, he came back again this year. We have a grill cover this year, and even though it keeps blowing off whenever there's wind, it has helped keep him out. But he still perches on the grill and tells the world it's his. How can I explain to him we don't accept seeds from subletters?

Anyway, during the writing marathon, I promised myself that if I made all four of my weekly goals, I would treat myself to a facial. I got a few of them at a spa last year before the wedding, and between that and the skin care products I used at home, I thought my skin looked better than it had before. So I went in today to prettify myself. The spa facial is more involved than the ones I do at home. It involves cleaning, steaming, masks, heat/lotion treatment for your hands, pore extractions, massage, and probably some other steps I've forgotten. Although the pore extractions can be uncomfortable, the whole process is a relaxing experience. In fact, the person who gave me a facial scolded me a bit for not relaxing enough! Afterwards, I wound up buying several skin care products she recommended. They're pricey, but I did make the ones I bought last year last for several months. I wouldn't do this too often, but perhaps I can manage to go a couple of times a year. My skin does feel softer and looks more even now.

I got home later than I expected from the spa, and between baking breakfast bed for tomorrow, cooking dinner, checking out the Internet, and writing a crit, I haven't done any writing of my own. Let's see what I can get done before I go to bed in a half hour....


The Dear NYer said...

Dear Sandra,
This has nothing to do with your post but......I wanted to wish you a happy, healthy and relaxing birthday. Enjoy, indulge celebrate ! Can't wait to hear about your delicious birthday dinner.

Sandra said...

Thanks, Dear NYer! The dinner description will probably have to wait until tomorrow, though.

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