Monday, May 08, 2006

I Must Bleed Ink...

I had to go to the doctor today to get some bloodwork done before my physical next week. Normally when I have blood taken or donate (which I haven't done for a long time, but I've been taking medication and wasn't sure I was eligble), I give with my right arm. I'm a lefty, so I like giving with my "weaker" arm. Besides, I never have any problems with the particular vein they use. There's even a little mark on my arm from all the times I've have needles poked in there. Today, however, the nurse started putting a tourniquet on my left arm, even after I mentioned my right-arm preference. I decided not to insist on it; after all, a blood test isn't going to drain me that much. Besides, it seemed like a good idea to try switching it up a little. Well, the nurse found a vein close to the skin, but she wasn't able to collect much blood from it. So she bandaged my left arm and repeated the procedure with my right arm. This time the blood collection went much easier. I got to return to work sporting bandaids on each arm. I admit I paraded them to my boss (in a "See? I really did have to take time off, and look what I had to go through" way) before taking them off a short while later.

Speaking of bleeding ink, now that I've finished critting Sue's latest, I should return to work on my outline. I only wish I could bleed ink like she does! ;)

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