Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Fastest Teeth in the Midwest

I had a dentist appointment today at 3:00. I was done by 3:15. All I had to have done today were to have my teeth checked and cleaned, and my dentist said I did such a good job of caring for my teeth at home that it didn't take her long to clean them. No cavaties have developed since my last visit either. Although I'd taken the rest of the afternoon off, I seriously thought about going back in to work. I didn't for a couple of reasons: I wasn't sure what experiments I could do in an hour or so, and I'm sick again. :( Both my dad and Eugene have been sick in the last week, so I must have gotten it from one of them. So I picked up something for dinner from the grocery store, went home, and went to bed for a couple of hours. I think my fever may be returning, but for now, I need to eat.

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