Monday, May 29, 2006

Back to Reality...

Well, after the parties last night, I didn't do much else with WisCon today. There were some panels this morning, but I decided not to attend. Eugene and I went to the dealer's room one more time to talk with one of the couples there. They sell wooden jigsaw puzzles of animals, both real and imaginary. We've bought at least ten puzzles from them over the years; we came home with six today. Then we drove down to Janesville and stopped to visit my family for a while before resuming our trip. It took nearly twice as long as normal; it seems as if one toll slowed traffic down for miles and miles. We were both tired when we got in; we drove up separately, so we both had to drive back. I'm still trying to catch up with e-mail and other things. Hopefully later this week I can upload more Oscar picture and notes from panels to my website. And yes, Russ, I haven't forgotten that you tagged me on your blog. I'll get to that later when I have nothing interesting to blog about. I think I set a personal record today for posts already!

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