Sunday, February 26, 2006

Next-to-Last Dance

We started Tango Level III tonight. This class is only two sessions long, but the sessions are longer (two and a half hours). We're working on turns and making our steps "flow" with the music. We're even getting to the point where some of this makes sense. (grin) It's a shame that our last session is coming up so soon. Although driving into and back out of Chicago makes for a long Sunday night, the classes were a nice way to meet other people and get some quality time in with Eugene. We need to either find another tango instructor who teaches the same way this pair does or figure out how to keep practicing on our own.


Sandra said...

I don't think I ever mentioned that our classes are held in an art gallery. The first time we went there, they had an art exhibit in which the "prize piece" was what looked like a roll of paper-towel-sized toilet paper hanging from the wall. Other artworks were things such as a blue canvas. I'm happy to report that last night we finally got an exhibit of paintings that look more like real art.

Sandra said...

I should qualify--art that the average tango dancer can relate to.

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