Saturday, February 25, 2006

March Madness Marathon

Well, March isn't until next week, but I've already begun the madness. I signed up for the writing marathon on OWW. It goes for several weeks (I think four), and you set your own goals for this time. I signed up for 500 words/day on my two main projects (Day and Key). I used to be able to do that every day, but with all that I've got to do these days it's been hard to reach that. We also have several things already scheduled for the weekends, so that may cut into my writing time. Still, I need to make my writing more of a priority. I haven't even done any for the last two days! So please wish me luck, and Sue, I'm sure you'll understand if my reviews of your chapters take longer.

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makoiyi said...

What?????? Take longer than the virtually immediate responses I usually get? Oh, right. Stamping feet. Sulking. Turning to drink.

Maybe I should do the marathon too. Rewriting Rivers. Hmm.

Mind you given L's latest review, why should I bother?

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