Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

I was too lazy to post last night, so here's a quick recap of the weekend:

It rained Saturday morning, so we weren't able to go to the egg hunt in the local park. I took Alex to the mall instead. We were lucky to have a short wait to see the Easter Bunny. I think I got a better picture of Alex than the professional did. We went around for a little bit, letting Alex ride his favorite red car, play in the playground, and have some ice cream, before I finally bought some summer clothes for him--I got some pretty good deals on them too, I might add. Unfortunately, Alex did not fall asleep on the way home and wouldn't nap in his room. But since the weather had improved, Eugene and I took him to the neighborhood egg hunt a couple of blocks away. Alex enjoyed coloring eggs there. After I saw some of the children with their baskets, I realized I'd left Alex's at home. Eugene wanted to just ask for a plastic bag, but I felt I was letting Alex down that way. So I returned home, only to realize we don't have a key for our storm door. I was locked out of my own house! I ran back and borrowed the garage door remote from Eugene. Alex spotted me and of course wanted to come with me--with me carrying him, of course. So once again I ran back (well, I could only run part of the way), and this time was able to get Alex's plastic bucket. We returned a few minutes before the start of the egg hunt. Maternal honor was restored--though my legs still ache a bit.

Alex really enjoyed the egg hunt. Since he was so young, he and the other little kids got a head start. I helped him gather some eggs. The candies and prizes were nicer than the ones the park district offered last year. Our neighbor also had the Easter Bunny stop by with bubbles for the kids. Alex preferred checking out the inflated Easter Bunny and his colored egg.

Surprisingly, Alex did not fall asleep after the egg hunt; must have been all the chocolate. We colored a few eggs that night, or I should say Alex did. He was very good with it; he was done before I even realized it, even though he dipped some of the eggs twice. Last year he banged the eggs together; this year, we did lose a couple when they dropped on the floor, but he was more careful with them. He did eat about one and a half of the cracked eggs.

After he went to bed early (he was in meltdown stage by that point), I arranged his basket and hid it in his indoor tent. I left a trail of jelly-bean-filled eggs leading from his door to the basket. Alex generally wakes up slowly, but once he saw the eggs, he knew what to do. He was quite happy with his treats and his new additions to his Thomas the Train collection.

Later on, we had brunch with both families (my parents and grandmother; Eugene's parents and brothers) at a nearby banquet hall. Alex got spoiled, needless to say. In the late afternoon, we drove over to Eugene's aunt's house, where Alex was introduced to billiards. He already knows how to get into Trouble with a capital T!

Tomorrow, we will return you to your regularly scheduled writing posts.

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