Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Carbon-Neutral Blog

While I doubt a blog actually emits carbon, I thought this program sounded interesting. If you add a button to the sidebar of your blog (mine is at the bottom, under the post labels) and send a link to your blog to this address, they will plant a tree on your behalf in Plumas National Forest in Northern California. A fire destroyed many trees in this area in 2007, so it would be great to reforest it again!

We'll return soon to your regularly scheduled science/science fiction/writing blogging...


Eric said...

While this is a great idea Sandra, the site says they will put one tree per domain. That means that if bloggers from blog about it, they will still only be putting one tree. Now if we were from different domains, it'd be multiple trees.

I'm not saying it's not awesome they are planting trees - just understand that there won't be an instant orchard if all your followers blog about it :)

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Yeah, I wondered about that briefly myself, Eric. But they do say one blog, one tree, and I just got an e-mail confirmation. I wonder if they mean one blog address, one tree. Maybe the language difference has something to do with it.

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