Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Five Years Ago...

I was 37 weeks pregnant, rushing around work in my European houseshoes (the only pair of shoes I had that fit my swollen feet), trying to finish up some projects before I had to leave for my weekly ultrasound. I met my husband at the doctor's office; we drove in separately. After the ultrasound, the doctor walked in and said, "You timed it just right."

They'd been monitoring me for pre-eclampsia, and I'd had to do a protein test over the weekend (which is probably the only time I've missed WisCon since 1998). Even though my C-section had already been scheduled for mid-June, it was time to move it up.

Without rehashing the details, we wound up with this:

 Who, since then, has led us down many a path of joy and frustration, laughter and worry, teaching and learning. Until today....

He not only turns five, but graduates from pre-K.

Happy birthday, son.

With much love,


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Maria Zannini said...

Happy birthday, Alex!

Has it been five years already? Wow.

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