Friday, March 18, 2011

Science of the Week 3/18/11

I think one of these links might be from late last week:

Is genius a product of prenatal hormone exposure?

Some blind people can "see" with their ears

E. coli as a fuel source

A faster way to make solar cells

Large Hadron Collider as Time Machine

Not very many links this time around, but I hope you'll find something of interest. Enjoy your weekend!


Tony Benson said...

I love reading this kind of stuff. I like the way we can make up cool stuff and then give it a name beginning with 'Higgs...' and say the LHC will make it all possible. The joys of science - or should I say 'speculative science'?

Seriously, though. Sending messages back through time creates a paradox as much as sending a person, so I'm more inclined toward theories about sending a message, person, sterile neutrino or whatever, forward in time.

Sylvia Ney said...

Cool blogs and interesting topics!

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