Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Eugene does.

Ever since the show started, Eugene has been trying to get on it, but he didn't have much luck calling in. So when they had open auditions near us today, he took some time off to audition in person. (I had to work.) He didn't have to preregister; he just showed up. Of course, even though he got there well before the time they started, the line was already four deep. He said they started early because of that. Even so, he was in the third group of 250 people to take the test. While he waited, he talked with people who had driven in from as far away as Kansas and Tennessee.

He had a simple questionnaire to fill out before taking the test, just general information along with some conversation starters, such as his most embarrassing moment. (I won't post it on the blog, but some of you have seen it.) Actually, Eugene wound up taking two tests: one for a special movie version of the show and a general one. The movie one was very hard, according to him, and only four people in the entire group passed it. The general one was 30 multiple choice questions you had to answer in ten minutes. Between ten to fifteen people passed that one. Unfortunately, Eugene wasn't one of them, so all he got was a T-shirt. While he took it in stride, he checked online to see if he could try again when we fly out to New York next month, but there were no tickets available for the time we're there. Too bad; I might have auditioned along with him.

As for me, my day was much less exciting, just the usual work and chores at home. I think I may start reviewing Part Two of Lennon's Line tonight. Since I haven't gone over that section so much, it might be easier than going back to Part One.


eugene said...

Actually, both tests were 30 questions that you had to answer in 10 minutes. It was pretty tough. They did not tell what was the magic passing number, but I'm guessing that it was at least 20.

Russ said...

It's OK Eugene, I still think you're smart.

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