Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Today was one of those days where Eugene and I hung out at home. (He did have to run a couple of errands, though.) It was nice just to chill. It wasn't completely unproductive, though, I ...

* Posted crits for Sue's three chapters
* Caught up with the news
* Received three chapters from Heather and did the initial read-through (still have to e-mail her, though)
* Edited a chapter of LL using comments from my reviewers on OWW
* Crocheted while watching Iron Chef with Eugene (and drinking raspberry dessert wine!)
* Talked to a friend from college

And of course spent way too much time playing the latest game I downloaded from Yahoo! I should have spent more time writing and getting ready for our vacation next week, but sometimes you have to get away from the "shoulds." There'll be time for that tomorrow when the work week starts again.

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