Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Janesville Jaunt

I had to take the morning off to drive up to Janesville (in Wisconsin) to take care of a couple of something with my parents. (Nothing bad, but nothing I want to make public either.) I left the time I normally leave for work but kept driving past the exit, listening to a couple of CDs I had burned. Illinois has been converting their tolls to an Open Road Tollway system, which means that if you have an I-PASS, you can pay at highway driving speed without having to stop. The one at South Beloit was supposed to be finished, but when I passed through, the ORT lanes were blocked off, even though they looked ready to go. Perhaps I was just a couple of hours too early.

The rest of the trip should have been uneventful, but I got off an exit too early and ended up in a part of Janesville I wasn't familiar with. To make matters worse, even Janesville was getting into the construction act; several of the streets were blocked off. Luckily I knew the place I had to go was next to the library, so when I saw a library truck, I followed it through the maze until I was back on familiar ground. I was twenty minutes late, but everything still worked out. Then I drove to my parents' house to pick up a few things. Guess what; the road leading to their subdivision was partially ripped up: you could drive out but not in. Since I've biked around the area, I knew there was another way into the subdivision, so I drove on down to that street and threaded my way back to where I needed to go. I have to admit I was glad to get back on the highway, which was much easier driving in comparison.

Writing: I did the line edits for two of Heather's chapters; I'll review them one more time tomorrow for overall comments and see if I can send them back to her. I spent a couple of hours goofing off; now it's time to see if I can buckle down before bedtime.

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