Monday, May 08, 2017

Lilacs (and Tulips) of Lombard

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers, both fragrant and fleeting. Every spring, I go on a orgy of flower-sniffing. There's a park near us that's filled with lilac bushes and tulips. It's one of our  traditions to visit it every year. Last weekend was rainy, and this weekend I was sick. However, I was determined not to miss out on the bloom peak, even if my stuffed nose isn't up to appreciating the wonderful scent. Here are a few pictures from yesterday:


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

With that many plants and flowers, I bet the smell is everywhere.

Pat Dilloway said...

Pretty 🌸

Maria Zannini said...

Sorry to hear you were sick last week.

How's the weather up there? It can't be too chilly now that the blooms have started.

Sandra Almazan said...

It was a little harder for me to smell them, Alex, but I leave no flowers unsniffed.

Thanks, Pat!

It's still chilly at night, Maria. We can get frost until mid-May.

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