Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WisCon Part Two

Instead of attending panels Sunday morning, I helped out at the Broad Universe table for a couple of hours and chatted with other members. My family and I had lunch with friends. I decided to skip the first afternoon panel to visit my favorite store on State Street, The Soap Opera. I had time afterwards to briefly walk through the art show before the next panel, about Fear and Masculinity. Unfortunately, my laptop's battery ran low during the panel, and I lost my notes. After that panel, I attended one on caregivers and how they're affected by their sex and race. We had dinner with a friend from college. By the time we put our son to bed, the guest of honor speeches were finishing up. I did make it to a late-night panel on Choice Feminism, about choices women make that aren't always feminist. It was an interesting panel, but even after checking out the parties I was in the room by midnight.

I didn't attend any panels Monday morning, but I was part of the SignOut. By the time that was done, we needed to leave Madison. Our drive back was much more leisurely. My husband and I agreed we need to visit Madison again this summer when it's not WisCon so we have more time to go around the city and see friends. Still, when the weather is nice, it's hard to beat Memorial Day in Madison.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

What is the Soap Opera?
WisCon had a really unique selection of panels.

Sandra Almazan said...

I knew I should have linked to the store's website. The Soap Opera is a store that features all types of bath products--kind of like Crabtree and Evelyn but with a much wider selection and helpful but not pushy staff.

Yeah, WisCon is unique. It's the world's first feminist SF convention, but they discuss lots of other political issues as well.

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