Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Author Entrepreneur Magazine

No matter what path you take to publication, all authors are entrepreneurs. This means that we require skills in all sorts of areas, ranging from writing good stories to understanding contracts to formatting and designing covers. Fortunately, the Internet offers us many good sources to learn about writing and the business of writing; one new resource is the Author Entrepreneur magazine. The publisher and Editor-in-Chief is a sister BroadUniverse member, Beth Barany.

Author Entrepreneur is a free monthly online magazine (it's paid for by ads). It's not just aimed at writers, but other people authors might work with, such as book marketers, book designers, cover designers, website designers, and more. Two issues are already out. I haven't had a chance to look at the July issue yet, but the August issue offers a variety of articles, including ways to use non-fiction to sell novels and several things novelists need to learn from the movies. This magazine is open to writers and advertisers and can offer an opportunity for exposure. I've subscribed to the magazine and look forward to reading future issues.

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